Preventing and treating computer related injuries.

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Preventing and treating computer related injuries.
1 RSI (Repetitive strain injury)
1.1 Treatment
1.1.1 Stop doing the activity that is causing RSI and relax your muscles.
1.1.2 Take anti-inflammatory painkillers.
1.2 Prevention
1.2.1 Take regular breaks from the activity, for example typing.
1.2.2 Use a wrist rest when typing.
1.2.3 When typing make sure your forearms are horizontal and your fingers are at the same height as the middle row of keys.
2 Eye strain
2.1 Prevention
2.1.1 Place the screen 51cm to 66cm (20 to 26 inches) away from your eyes and a little below eye level.
2.1.2 Consider using a glare filter over your screen.
2.1.3 Change lighting to reduce glare and harsh reflections.
2.2 Treatment
2.2.1 Apply a flannel soaked in warm water to the eyes.
2.2.2 Use eye drops/ wash to refresh your eyes.
2.2.3 Have regular eye check ups.
3 Back pain
3.1 Prevention
3.1.1 Adjust height of chair and use the tilt feature to maintain a suitable posture.
3.1.2 Use a footrest so that your feet are firmly on the floor.
3.1.3 Use a comfortable and high backed chair so that your back is supported.
3.2 Treatment
3.2.1 Maintain your mobility, do not just rest all of the time as this causes your muscles to become weaker.
3.2.2 See the doctor and use painkillers to minimize the effects.

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