Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Enzymes

Jake Kilshaw
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GCSE Biology Mind Map on Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Enzymes, created by Jake Kilshaw on 05/16/2014.

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Jake Kilshaw
Created by Jake Kilshaw over 5 years ago
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Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Enzymes
1 Carbohyrdates
1.1 Units of sugar
1.2 Simple
1.2.1 One or two sugar units
1.3 Complex
1.3.1 Long chains of simple sugar units bonded together
2 Lipids
2.1 Molecules
2.1.1 3 molecules of fatty acids
2.1.2 1 molecule of glycerol
3 Proteins
3.1 Long chains of amino acids
3.2 Folded to produce a shape
3.3 Proteins act as:
3.3.1 Structural components
3.3.2 Hormones
3.3.3 Antibodies
3.3.4 Enzymes
4 Enzymes
4.1 Biological catalysts
4.2 Denatured
4.2.1 High temperature
4.3 Uses
4.3.1 Home Biological detergents
4.3.2 Industry Proteases to 'pre-digest' protein in baby foods Isomerase used to convert glucose into fructose for slimming foods

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