New York City

Sabrina Hannwebe
Mind Map by , created over 5 years ago

Mind Map on New York City, created by Sabrina Hannwebe on 05/16/2014.

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Sabrina Hannwebe
Created by Sabrina Hannwebe over 5 years ago
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New York City
1 buildings
1.1 mall
1.1.1 grocery store butchery bakery organic food store
1.1.2 restaurants Chinese Italian French German
2 traffic
2.1 public trasport
2.1.1 busses
2.1.2 trains underground suburban
2.1.3 taxi
2.2 airplanes
3 squares
3.1 Times Square
3.2 Union Square
4 sights
4.1 Statue of Liberty
4.2 Brooklyn Bridge
4.3 Times Square
4.4 Empire State Building
4.5 Central Park
4.6 Wall Strett
4.7 Fifth Avenue
4.8 Ground Zero Memorial

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