AQA Core Biology (B1) - 1.1 - Keeping Healthy

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AQA Core Biology (B1) - 1.1 - Keeping Healthy
1 Diet & Energy
1.1 Balanced Diet
1.1.1 Carbohydrates The main source of energy
1.1.2 Fats One Gram of FAT releases almost TWICE as much energy as 1 gram of protein or carbohydrates Energy & Making New Cell Membranes
1.1.3 Proteins For Growth (Making New Cells) & Repair. Also a minor supply of energy
1.1.4 Vitamins & Minerals Keeping Healthy Needed in small quantities for good health
1.1.5 Fibre (Roughage) Keeps the digestive system working well Prevents chances of getting bowel cancer
1.1.6 Water Needed to survive Transport vital nutrients
1.1.7 Eating the correct amounts of all of the food groups each day
1.2 Energy Needs
1.2.1 People doing manual work, or alot of exercise, need to eat a lot more energy-rich foods than people who don't exercise as much Different people have different METABOLIC RATES The rate at which chemical reactions take place in your body Generally Men have faster metabolic rates than women Younger people have faster metabolic rates than older people The greater the proportion of muscle to fat in the body, the higher the metabolic rate is likely to be Can be affected by your genes - inherited from your parents
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