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(Presentation and communication of data) Mind Map on Presentations, created by Emma Dolby on 05/14/2013.

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1 Features of presentation software
1.1 Text
1.2 Images
1.3 Sound
1.4 Video
1.5 Animation
1.6 Slide transition
2 Features of a presentation slide
2.1 Hyperlinks
2.2 Hotspots
2.3 Buttons
3 Delivering a presentation
3.1 Computer and projector
3.1.1 Advantages Saved and Edited Quality of slides does not diminish with use Can be shown in any order
3.1.2 Disadvantages Features can be overused large initial cost Software is needed to edit the slides in real time Power cut - presentation cannot be shown
3.2 Printed acetate and overhead projector
3.2.1 Advantages Slides can be annotated to explain/highlight points OHP is relatively cheap and rarely goes wrong Power cut - slides can be read by the presenter
3.2.2 Disadvantages Special features cannot be used have to go in sequence If a slide needs edited it needs to be reprinted Quality of slides deteriorate with use
4 Navigation methods
4.1 Manual Transition
4.1.1 Involves an action from the presenter to move onto the next slide
4.1.2 Each item on a slide can be displayed manually (e.g. numbered list)
4.1.3 Used when a presentation is given by a speaker to an audience
4.1.4 Presenter can control when each slide or item is displayed and can tailor the pace to meet the needs of the audience
4.2 Automatic Transition
4.2.1 Set up to run automatically with no intervention required
4.2.2 Timings can be changed - must be set to give the audience enough time to read
4.2.3 Can be set to restart
4.2.4 Presenter is not needed
4.2.5 Not suitable for verbal presentations as the presenter may struggle to keep pace
5 Presentation Structure
5.1 Linear Structure
5.1.1 Slide follow on in a consecutive manner
5.1.2 Cannot jump to other slides
5.2 Nonlinear Structure
5.2.1 Slides can be accessed in any order
5.2.2 Advantages Can show slides in any order - dependent on the needs of the audience Can be tailored to meet the needs of the audience Same presentation can be customised to be used with different audiences by showing slides in a different order
5.2.3 Disadvantages Structure can be complicated to create Layout may become over-complicated with too many navigation buttons
5.3 Hierarchical Structure
5.3.1 Different options can be selected from each slide
5.3.2 Advantages Options are set up when the presentation is created so a pre-detirmined order is followed Options can be selected to meet the needs of the audience
5.3.3 Disadvantages User cannot jump to another slide that is out of order User may not find the slide/information required if it not in sequence
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