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If you have to copy, please mention me. This is a history map based on the problems William faced whilst he was on the throne.

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History by Millie
1 Rebellions
1.1 Some people weren't pleased with the new king.
1.1.1 This led to a rebellion, and more after that.
1.1.2 It caused disruptions
1.1.3 Without good resources, William was at a loss He grew angry quickly
2 Communication and customs
2.1 William was French and spoke a different language
2.1.1 His customs were different to the Saxons' This may lead to confusion as William had different understanding of things During his corination, his soldiers mistook cheering for a rebellion and attacked the crowd
2.1.2 He could not command the Saxons efficiently
3 Money
3.1 Without money, William had no respect as kings were meant to be rich
3.1.1 This meant he could not buy weapons. His small army had no funding
3.1.2 This led to disrespectful citizens.
4 Army and weaponry
4.1 Without money, William could not fund his army or buy weapons
4.1.1 This meant his army had no resources In the unlikely event of England being attacked, the Normans had no good weapons This meant the Saxons had no reason to respect the new king
4.1.2 Without pay, soldiers had no reason to stay with the army
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