Australian Healthcare System

Matthew Li
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Health Mind Map on Australian Healthcare System, created by Matthew Li on 05/18/2014.

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Matthew Li
Created by Matthew Li over 5 years ago
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Australian Healthcare System
1 Government
1.1 Local
1.1.1 Waste Removal
1.1.2 Immunisation Programs
1.1.3 Regulation of Pollution and Noise Levels
1.1.4 Water Quality
1.1.5 Restaurant Inspection
1.1.6 Maternal and Child Health Centres
1.2 Federal
1.2.1 Funding Allocation for State/Territiory
1.2.2 Administration Medicare Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme
1.2.3 Policies of Private Health Insurance
1.2.4 National Health Programs
1.3 State and Territory
1.3.1 Public Hospitals
1.3.2 Health Curriculum/Programs @ Schools
1.3.3 Health Services Ambulance Mental Health Programs
1.3.4 Road Safety Laws
1.3.5 Legislation and Regulation of Tobacco and Alcohol
2 Medicare
2.1 Medicare Safety Net
2.2 Out-Of-Pocket Costs
2.3 What is and isn't covered
2.3.1 Covered Eye Tests Consultation fee for doctors Tests and examinations needed to treat illness Some surgical procedures
2.3.2 Not Covered Anything private Ambulance Allied health services Eyeglasses/Contacts Medicines (not included in PBS) Medical services-not clinically necessary
2.4 Gap Amount
2.5 Funding
3 Values Of Australian Healthcare System
3.1 Safe
3.1.1 Avoid potential harm to people
3.2 Effective
3.2.1 Achieve desired result in most cost effective use of resources
3.3 Efficient
3.3.1 Patient's needs are met to required standard
3.4 Continuous
3.4.1 Smooth transition between services
3.5 Accessible
3.5.1 Access healthcare at right time and right place
3.5.2 Regardless of socio-economic status, location, age,etc
3.6 Responsive
3.6.1 Ensuring client orientated health system and people are shown respect
3.7 Sustainable
3.7.1 Must have ongoing resources, workforce, infrastructure to continue functioning over time
3.8 S.E.E.C.A.R.S
4 Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme
5 Private Health Insurance
5.1 PHI Incentives

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