The Development Gap

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GCSE and A Level AQA A GCSE Human Paper 2 (4 The Development Gap) Mind Map on The Development Gap, created by John Ditchburn on 05/18/2014.

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The Development Gap
1 Contrasts in Development
1.1 Ways of dividing the World
1.1.1 1st, 2nd, 3rd Worlds
1.1.2 North/South
1.1.3 Different stages of development LDC (LEDC) MDC (MEDC) NIC
1.1.4 Five-fold division based on wealth 1 Rich industrialising countries 2 Oil-exporting countries 3 newly industrialising countries (NICs) 4 Former centrally planned economies (previously communist) 5 Heavily indebted countries
1.2 Measuring development
1.2.1 Correlation GDP-Education = +ve GDP-No. of people per doctor = -ve High Development -> High HDI (Human Development Index)
1.2.2 Limitations of single measures (e.g death rate, birth rate, GNP
1.2.3 Advantages of multi-variable approach Physical quality of life index (PQLI) Literacy Life expectancy Infant mortality Human development index (HDI) Life expectancy Literacy Income
2 Global Inequalities
2.1 Factors making inequalities worse
2.1.1 Physical Climatic hazards Drought Tropical Storms Tectonic Earthquakes e.g. Haiti
2.1.2 Economic Poverty Low life-expectancy Low standard of living
2.1.3 Environmental Desperate poor farmers don't look after the land
2.1.4 Social factors Water Education Health
2.1.5 Political Poor government
2.2 Physical factors making inequalities worses
2.2.1 Case Study Haiti Earthquake 2010
3 Reducing Inequalities
3.1 Loans and aid
3.1.1 Conservation swaps Debts written off in exchange for promise to look after environment Bolivia Rainforest 1970s
3.1.2 Loans e.g. Brazil to build factories 1970s Have to be paid back Failure -> in debt People have to work hard to pay debt Debts can be written off by rich countries Borrow - e.g. from Word Bank Microloans Start small businesses e.g. Bangladesh
3.1.3 Aid Gifts Money, food machinery "Tied aid" Conditions attached Payback required Short-term Emergency aid Food Long-term Build schools hospitals Invest in Industry Needs infrastructure & support for success Avantages & disadvantages of short & long-term
3.2 Fairtrade
3.2.1 Small case study Cuapo Cocoa (chocolate) Ghana
3.3 Case study of Development Project (one of those shown in detail, or one of your own)
3.3.1 Goat Aid
3.3.2 Computer Aid
3.3.3 Cahora Bassa Dam (Mozambique)
4 Contrasts in the EU
4.1 EU - Development high
4.1.1 Life expectancy - over 70 for all countries
4.2 Significant differences
4.2.1 GDP per capita Luxembourg - 7x that of Bulgaria
4.3 Ireland
4.3.1 Poor country before joining EU in 1973 1990's Rapid economic growth High tech service industries e.g. Apple Europe
4.4 Policies to reduce inequalities
4.4.1 CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) Subsidies to farmers Guarantee food production Ensure fair standard of living for farmers Ensure reasonable prices
4.4.2 European Investment Bank For regions suffering difficulties
4.4.3 Urban II fund Jobs & sustainability in urban areas
4.4.4 Structural funds Infrastructure, especially transport
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