Fundamentals of Computer Systems


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Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  1. Computer hardware
    1. Computer hardware consists of anything in the computing system that is not software, that is, anything physical, including the computers, screens, keyboards, mice, printers, cabling and other mobile devices and servers
    2. Types of computer systems
      1. Multi-functional devices
        1. Multi-functional devices are those that perform multiple functions, such as printers that include a built in scanner. The scanner is often on top of the device so that it can also be used as a photocopier.
          1. Multi-functional devices include fax circuits so they can send or receive images to or from another fax machine through a telephone line.
            1. Mobile phones are also multi-functional as they can incorporate into the one device a phone, a camera and computer
            2. Personal computers (PCs)
              1. PCs are widely used for work and by individuals at home.
                1. PCs can be divided into desktops and laptops
                  1. The work carried out on PCs includes anything useful to an organisation and normally requires the use of software programs such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases, programming environments or other software apps.
                  2. Mobile devices
                    1. Mobile devices are multi functional
                      1. This is because they aren't only what consists of a computer, but usually a camera and in case of smartphones or smartwatches, they are also phones.
                        1. Some mobile devices we have right now are more powerful than some PCs that's how much you can tell technology has developed.
                      2. Servers
                        1. Servers are computers that run operating systems such as Microsoft,Windows server
                          1. They are used to control the network and users logged into the system on workstations (also known as client computers),
                          2. Servers are available in many different sizes to meet the needs of the smallest and largest organisations.
                            1. They are powerful computers that usually have lots of memory and disc space and often have duplicated internal components to make them more reliable
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