SIR ROY GRIFFITHS (sainers director)


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SIR ROY GRIFFITHS (sainers director)
  1. NHS REFORM 1983
    1. general managers appointed in hospitals
      1. aim to improve performance and efficiency
      2. outsourcing of domestic and support services
        1. out to contract, who ever provides cheapest services
          1. no longer paid by NHS
          2. influence evident in 1989 white paper: Working with patients
            1. resulted in Care in Community Act 1990
              1. seperated roles between purchasing and providing
                1. resulting in pluraltiy of providers
                  1. local authorities who arrange and commission services
                    1. local authorities would remain in over all control of social service provision
                    2. vol organisations who provide domicillary care
                      1. private homecare companies
                  2. influence evident in 1989 white paper Community care inthe next decade and beyond
                    1. Role of S/W changed anf they beame assessors deciding who should provide the funding for the sevice rather than being the providers of care.
                      1. different vision of S/W as envisioned by Seebohm 20 yrs earlier
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