Grade six parts of speech (gramer/ Word types)

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Basic word types and rules.

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Grade six parts of speech (gramer/ Word types)
1 subjects
1.1 sentence stucture
1.1.1 grade 6 work simple compound
1.1.2 all ways has a verb can be more than one word e.g. The monster /could have been creeping/ under the table.
1.1.3 subject and predicate predicate verb+everything else subject who
1.2 conjunctions
1.2.1 co-ordinate FANBOYS For, and, nor, but, or, yet and so
1.2.2 Subordinate all other conjunctions Thus, because, although...etc
1.2.3 Connects words, phrases and clauses
1.3 word types
1.3.1 nouns Proper nouns: James, Cape Town, Easter. Common nouns: boy, town, festival, music. Abstract nouns: love, feelings, hope, joy. Collective nouns: a pride of lions
1.3.2 adverbs modify or describe a verb Adverbs show place, time and manner Put the book here.(place) I walked to the beach.(place) Do your work now.(time) We play sport in the afternoon.(time) I walked quickly.(manner)
1.3.3 pronouns replace nouns Erika(noun) = She(pronoun) Cupcake(noun) = It(pronoun) SHE ate IT
1.3.4 prepositions on, beside, under
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