Diamond and Graphite

thanh tran
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Chemistry Mind Map on Diamond and Graphite, created by thanh tran on 05/14/2013.

thanh tran
Created by thanh tran over 6 years ago
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Diamond and Graphite
1 Graphite
1.1 Layered Structure
1.1.1 Weak intermolecular forces between the layers the layers can slide over each other making graphite slippery Graphite in pencils leave the black mark as it wears away Good lubricants as it also has a high melting point so won't break down like oil would
1.2 Each carbon atom is joined to 3 other atoms with strong covalent bonds
1.2.1 One free delocalised electron Can be used as electrodes as it can conduct electricity It can conduct heat
2 Diamond
2.1 Hard
2.1.1 Cutting tools
2.2 Lustrous and transparent
2.2.1 can be cut into shapes to allow light to pass through it to make it look like its sparkling jewellery
2.3 Each carbon atom forms strong covalent bonds with 4 other atoms to form a giant covalent structure
2.3.1 Explains its extreme hardness and high melting point
2.3.2 Cannot conduct electricity as there are no delocalised electrons who are free to move to carry charge

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