Electron Configuration

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How to describe electron in an atom.

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Chuleeporn Thanomsilp
Created by Chuleeporn Thanomsilp over 5 years ago
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Electron Configuration
1 used to explain how electrons are distributed among the various orbitals within an atom
2 Electrons will fill into orbitals from the lowest energy up to the highest energy.
2.1 there is only 1 way to arrange electrons in ground state.
3 how to show electron configuration
3.1 spdf notation
3.1.1 a list of principal shell and a letter of subshell (s, p, d, f) written one after another with a superscript showing the number of electrons in that subshell.
3.1.2 Apply Pauli Exclusion Principle. There can only be 2 maximum electrons in each orbital with opposite spins.
3.2 condensed spdf notation
3.2.1 Condensed electron configuration shows [noble gas] and valence electrons.
3.3 orbital diagram
3.3.1 show the distribution of electron in each orbital within a subshell. Use boxes to represent orbitals and arrows to represent electrons.
3.3.2 Apply Hund's Rule. If there is an empty box with the same energy, electron will fill into the empty box before pairing. Identify magnetic properties paramagnetic : has unpaired electrons diamagnetic : no unpaired electron
4 Ground state electron configuration relates to the position of an element in the periodic table.
4.1 Aufbau Principle or Building-up Principle.
4.1.1 building up each atom from the one before it in atomic number.