Eleanor: for and against her influence

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Eleanor: for and against her influence
1 Eleanor was often formally involved in government, issuing writs in her own name down to 1163, andalso acted as regent if she did not accompany Henry abroad.
2 Five sons and three daughters were born in the period 1153 to 1167 (William, Henry, Matilda, Richard, Geoffrey, Eleanor, Joan and John). If we include probable miscarriages and unrecorded infant deaths, Eleanor must have been in a constant state of pregnancy and recovery.
3 Bettany Hughes argues that Eleanor was influential as a woman because she gave birth to a large number of heirs and was given responsibility of the childcare for her children. Later on she was also responsible for her children and grandchildren.
3.1 For example the arrangement in 1200 for Blanche of Castile to marry the future Louis VIII. As until the birth of John's first son 1207 any marriage of Eleanor's grandchildren was of potential significance for the succession of Angevin lands.
4 "The reality was that she lived and died an appendage to her father, husbands, sons (and lovers if she had any)" Tyerman
5 She was instrumental in securing power for both her remaining sons Richard and John. When she was released from captivity, Eleanor toured England proclaiming her son's title as king and was given wide-ranging powers, attending courtly functions and councils
6 "Eleanor's career shows that ultimately her power was expressed through men and was therefore dependant upon their requirements, needs and weaknesses" Purser
7 Eleanor was the only daughter and heiress of Duke William X of Aquitaine, so was of major importance politically, but as a woman she was eclipsed by a more dominant husband who needed her to produce heirs.
7.1 But also as a woman she was mother to those heirs and wielded great influence after his death.
8 In July 1199 Eleanor did homage to Philip II for her duchy of Aquitaine thus reaffirming her role as duchess of her own inheritance in the name of her son John.
8.1 Documents were issued stating John as Eleanor's rightful heir to the duchy.
9 In 1199 with Richard's mercenary captain Mercadier she lay waste to rebellious parts of Anjou and in 1202 held Mirebeau against her grandson Arthur of Brittany
10 When Richard was invested as duke of Aquitaine in 1170 Eleanor expected to govern the region with him but Henry maintained a tight control of the reins
11 When Richard was on crusade Eleanor played a large part in ensuring that the barons remained loyal to Richard and on Richard's return mediated between the two brothers
12 Eleanor travelled abroad to collect Richard's wife Berengaria of Navarre and accompanying her to Sicily in 1191 and went to meet the pope in Rome.
13 In 1194 she travelled to Germany to meet the Emperor to negotiate her son's release. Eleanor also helped organise the ransom
14 In 1173 during the Great Rebellion three sons of Henry ran away, Eleanor attempted to follow disguised as a man but was caught and imprisioned for the next 16 years
14.1 The fact she was imprisoned and kept under guard shows her importance and influence

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