The White Devil, Flamineo

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1 Builds a relationship with audience
1.1 Through asides and soliloquies
1.2 Is the audiences main source of information
1.3 Uncomfortable relationship
1.3.1 Learn to distrust him and disapprove of his character and actions
2 Entertained by his outrageous insolence
2.1 Whilst hoping he will be redeemed
2.2 Both attractive and repellent
2.2.1 Forces audience to consider their own moral position, when they find themselves colluding with him
3 Modern psychology would define him as 'psychopathic'
4 Early contemporary audience understand character through four humours - sanguine (pleasure-seeking), phlegmatic (relaxed/peaceful), choleric (ambitious) and melancholic (analytical)
4.1 His general behaviour indicates excessive of 'black bile' leading to melancholy
4.1.1 Popular character choice in early modern drama - Iago in Othello
5 Typical malcontent - unhappy and dissatisfied with the world and his life
5.1 As a relative outsider offers a cynical commentary on characters and events
5.2 Blames mother for lack of money
5.2.1 "I would fain to know where lies the mass of wealth, which you have hoarded for my maintenance"
6 To advance himself in the world, he becomes Brachiano's secretary
6.1 "Prompt as lightening" - to his service
6.2 Willing to prostitute his sister and murder his brother in law to advance his own interests
6.3 But dislikes and despises Brachiano - confronts him
6.3.1 "As in this world there are degrees of evils: / So in this world there are degrees of devils" Slant rhyme emphasises his dislike
7 Course of action is tragic - gives audience sense of what he might have becomes on following a different path
7.1 However, he is presented as arrogant, marking him out for disaster - constantly treating others with cynical contempt
7.1.1 Asides on Camillo are amusing, but the murder is not
7.1.2 Remarks addressed to Giovanni about the advantages of his fathers death are callous "You're now, my lord, i'th'saddle"
8 Egocentric
8.1 Captured in his dying remark
8.1.1 "At myself I will begin and end"
8.2 Only towards the end of the play to we see feelings for others
8.2.1 Comment on mother - "I have a strange thing in me, to th'which I cannot give a name, without it be Compassion."
8.2.2 Admiration expressed for Vittoria as she faces death - "Th'art a noble sister - I love thee now"
9 Misogyny in commentary
9.1 Resonates with views of other characters, and Webster himself
10 Flamineo was historically the name of Vittoria's innocent younger brother. Webster swapped the names around for the resonance of fire and flames in Flamineo
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