Francisco & Monticelso

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Created by laurissafield over 5 years ago
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Francisco & Monticelso
1 Francisco
1.1 Brother of Isabella
1.1.1 Takes Isabella's side and accuses Brachiano
1.1.2 But when Isabella publicly divorces Brac, he turns against her, blaming her for failing to achieve reconciliation "Now by my birth you are a foolish, mad / and jealous woman"
1.2 Is the perfect embodiment of the Renaissance Prince
1.2.1 Clever, sophisticated, ruthless and a "Machiavellian" Machiavellian - Ruthless cunning
1.3 Plots with Monticelso to keep Camillo out of the way for the affair to become public
1.3.1 "His absence will give violent way to Duke Brachiano's lust"
1.4 Is at Vittoria's Arraignment - Dismisses lawyer
1.4.1 Points out improbability of accidental death "Mark each circumstance" - note the unlikely circumstances
1.4.2 Acknowledges there is not enough evidence "No sound proof who did it"
1.5 Appears genuinely moved on learning of Isabella's death
1.5.1 "Believe me I am nothing but her grave"
1.6 Rejects Monticelso's ideas of revenge
1.6.1 "Shall I defy him and impose a war / most burdensome on my poor subjects"
1.6.2 Difference between him and Brachiano, who jumps to violence without regard to subjects suffering
1.6.3 Rejects publicly undermining him, although he keeps the "black book"
1.7 Own revenge ideas, but not as ally of Monticelso
1.7.1 Revenge inspired by Isabella's ghost
1.7.2 Love-letter has desired effect of making Brachiano jealous and wish to marry Vittoria Then disguises himself as Mulinassar and accepted by Brachiano's court - fine acting abilities Hired Lodovico and Gasparo to implement Vittoria and Brachiano's deaths
1.8 Departs before end
1.8.1 "Princes give rewards with their own hands, / But death of punishment by the hands of others" Suggests his power puts him beyond the law and his influence will live on - in nephew Giovanni
2 Monticelso
2.1 Camillo's uncle
2.1.1 Happy to risk Camillo's life sending him to capture pirates, so he can expose B & V "For my revenge I'd stake a brother's life"
2.2 Corrupt, scheming cleric
2.2.1 Bible specifically prohibits acts of revenge
2.3 Presides over Vittoria's Arraignment
2.3.1 Abuses power/position acting as accuser and judge Accuses her of immorality and involvement in Camillo's death
2.3.2 Angry tone throughout casts in negative light Described as "too bitter" Seems obsessed with her sexual attractions
2.4 Other main candidate for title of "White Devil"
2.4.1 As Pope is clothed in white But acts do not reflect his religious office
2.5 Represents corruption of Catholic Church
2.5.1 Criticism of Catholic Clergy was conventional in early drama after the Reformation
2.5.2 Elevated to Pope without proper election
2.5.3 First act on taking office is private act of vengeance by excommunicating B & V Irony after preaching about forgiveness of sins Speech in Latin emphasises his religious power and respect
2.6 Possession of "black book" full of malefactors
2.7 Persuades Lodovico to refrain from murder
2.7.1 "Dos't thou imagine thou canst slide on blood / And not be tainted with a shameful fall?"
2.7.2 Questionable sincerity? Has the holiness of his office made him understand the significance of his actions?
2.7.3 Or is he a hypocrite - a "white devil" Embodying a religious paradox - a corrupt human who can deliver God's message

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