Camillo & Giovanni

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Camillo & Giovanni
  1. Giovanni
    1. Son of Brachiano and Isabella
      1. Few appearances display youth and immaturity
        1. Initially arriving with mother, emphasising attachment to her
          1. Main function in scene is to cement relationship between father and uncle
            1. "here comes a champion / shall end the difference between you both"
              1. Lengthy dialogue with father and uncle demonstrates lively intelligence and precosity
              2. Next is with Lodovico, going to tell Uncle of mother's death
                1. Youthful response to her death provokes pity - questions what the dead do
                  1. "Do they eat / hear music, go a-hunting, and be merry / As we that live?"
                  2. Narration of mother's treatment reminiscent of Ophelia in Hamlet
                    1. "They wrapped her in a cruel fold of lead / and would not let me kiss her"
                  3. Next is when revenge is started - but doesn't understand it has come from his uncle
                    1. Become the new Duke, despite his youth
                      1. Flamineo's remarks that he should "be merry" as he has inherited the dukedom
                        1. Merits the reproach "Study your prayer, sir, and be penitent"
                          1. Audience likely to approve of behaviour since they have seen Flamineo's malevolent influence exerted before
                    2. Speaks the final words of the play - responsible for the restoration of order
                      1. Audience bound to have misgivings on account of his immaturity
                    3. Camillo
                      1. Vittoria's husband and Monticelso's nephew
                        1. Initial descriptions show him as a fool and no match for his beautiful, clever wife
                          1. Vittoria's motive for marrying him = financial
                            1. "He bought you of your father"
                              1. Spent twelve thousand ducats in 6 months but received no dowry
                            2. Main function = obstruct play's more important characters, all (including audience) are anxious to get him out of the way
                              1. Monticelso sends him away so B & V can continue affair to become a public scandal
                                1. Vittoria plays along with Flamineo to get him out of the way
                                2. Negative descriptions - "ass"
                                  1. Fearful of being "cuckholded" but is gullible and easily manipulated by wife, uncle and brother-in-law
                                    1. His death by Flamineo, neck broken on vaulting horse is both pathetic and humiliating
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