Computer Use

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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Computer Use, created by Jade Fantom on 05/15/2013.

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Computer Use
1 Avoiding accidents using a computer
1.1 Make sure all the wires are out of the way
1.2 Make sure that all wires have trunking
1.3 Never eat or drink near a computer
2 Common health problems associated with computers
2.1 Eye strain
2.1.1 prevent this by having breaks every couple of hours when using a computer
2.2 Bad posture
2.2.1 prevent this by sitting upright when using a computer and keeping your arms rested on the desk
2.3 RSI
2.3.1 prevent this by using wrist rests and taking breaks
3 Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment so that it is comfortable and user-friendly
4 Increase in number of accidents involving computers
4.1 More computers in peoples homes can lead to more cables and wires around the house, which will increase the risk of falling over them and injuring yourself.
4.2 The number of wireless equipment wouldn't contribute to an increase in number of accidents as there are no extra wires to trip over and be in the way.
4.3 New technologies such as the Wii can lead to an increase in accidents as people may not be aware on how to use them properly and how to decrease the risk of accidents and there will be less people that have used the new technologies to let people know the various risks and accidents that can happen.
5 Improving peoples health
5.1 Certain apps on the computer can improve peoples health by helping them, such as a fitness app that helps the person exercise and improve their health by loosing weight and getting back on track to a healthier and active lifestyle.
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