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Comparison Between the GMD and CCP


Mind Map on Comparison Between the GMD and CCP, created by Tharmiethaa OO V on 05/23/2014.
Tharmiethaa OO V
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Tharmiethaa OO V
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Comparison Between the GMD and CCP
  1. Chinese Communist Party (People's republic of China)
    1. Founders: Li Dazhao (Pre 1949) Zhou Enlai (Pre 1949) Mao ( Post 1949)
      1. Close Connections with and supported by Soviet Union
        1. Mao and his army began The Long March, regrouping people over the country
          1. Wanted to modernize and unify China Centralized China
            1. Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Deng's Theory
              1. Made fewer military mistakes than Chiang Kai-shek
                1. Had an effective strategy called the "segmented worm" because it was able to outmaneuver the Japanese and it was raising morale and providing hope
                  1. The Segmented Worm strategy work which won the people over and during the Rape of Nanking, they wanted to help the Chiinese people which also gave the CCP a better reputation
              2. Had a good reputation and showed the people that they cared that they could protect them with their army and wanted to provide a decent standard of living for all
                1. Developed their influences among rural/country side population (peasants/ farmers/ lower class in China)
                  1. policy promised poor peasants farmland from their landlords
                    1. -Was supported by many in China -there was a lot of propoganda
                      1. The KMT attacked the CCP and forced them to escape and retreat in the countryside where they developed their base and influences there
                        1. It was good to gain the support of the rural and agricultural population of China because it was the major of the country
                        2. They needed a power base in China
                          1. Polictical ideologies
                          2. Guomindang (Republic if China)
                            1. Developed in their influences among urban population (upper/middle class in China) and mostly supported by these parts of China
                              1. They need the support of the lower class too and needed military aid
                              2. Dr.Sun Yat Sen was the founder. He had three principles for ruling. Nationalism, democracy and livilihood
                                1. Had more Western beliefs because he studied in America. This influenced The parties beliefs
                                  1. Had the support of Chinese living in America, specifically Hawaii
                                  2. Unable to finance for the war which made them look irresponsible and unconcerned about the people
                                    1. economy if ROC areas of Chian collapsed with hyerinflation which resulted in losing support from the middle class
                                      1. Party was unsuccessful in China
                                      2. Forced out of China and went to Taiwan
                                      3. Had financial issues
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