anatomy - basic body plan

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anatomy - basic body plan
1 planes
1.1 median
1.1.1 splits the body into left and right halves
1.2 superficial
1.2.1 near the surface of the body
1.3 deep
1.3.1 near the centre of the body
1.4 cranial
1.4.1 towards the head
1.5 caudal
1.5.1 towards the tail
1.6 medial
1.6.1 lie towards the middle of the animal
1.7 lateral
1.7.1 lie towards the side of the animal
1.8 dorsal
1.8.1 along the midline on the top
1.9 ventral
1.9.1 along the midline on the bottom
1.10 rostral
1.10.1 head region only - towards the nose
1.11 distal
1.11.1 away from the body
1.12 palmer
1.12.1 bottom surface of the front feet
1.13 plantar
1.13.1 bottom surface of the back feet
2 Systems
2.1 structural - framework and transport
2.1.1 skeletal bones and joints
2.1.2 muscular locomotion
2.1.3 integuement skin and hair
2.1.4 cardiovascular blood transportation
2.2 coordinating - control
2.2.1 nervous information taken to and from brain
2.2.2 endocrine hormones to send message
2.3 visceral - general duties
2.3.1 reproductive produce offspring
2.3.2 urinary get rid of waste and toxins
2.3.3 respiratory taking in 02, remove co2
2.3.4 digestive system taking and breaking down food
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