The Earth's surface

Shane Buckley
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Junior Certificate Geography Mind Map on The Earth's surface, created by Shane Buckley on 05/24/2014.

Shane Buckley
Created by Shane Buckley over 5 years ago
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The Earth's surface
1 The crust
1.1 Made up of plates
1.1.1 Plate tectonics
1.1.2 Plate Boundaries Destructive Fold Mountains The andes Earthquakes Alaska 1964 Constructive Mid ocean ridges Mid-Atlantic ridge Volcanic mountains Mt Vesuvious Dormant but will erupt again Volcanic Islands Iceland Passive Earthquakes Chile 1960 Fault lines San Andreas fault
1.2 The outermost layer
2 The mantle
3 The core
4 Earthquakes
4.1 Seismograph
4.1.1 Seismologist
4.2 Richter Scale
4.3 Focus
4.4 Epicentre
4.5 Tremor
5 Fold mountains
5.1 Destructive Boundary
5.2 One plate subducted
5.2.1 Other goes up and forms fold mountain
5.2.2 Gets melted in magma Eventually Reforms into Mid-Ocean ridge
5.3 The Alps
5.4 Periods of folding
5.4.1 Alpine(30-35 million years)
5.4.2 Amorican(250 million years)
6 Volcanoes
6.1 Magma rises from magma chamber through vent
6.1.1 Reaches the surface as lava
6.1.2 Build up of material from eruptions causes cone shape
6.1.3 Eruption causes Ash cloud
6.2 Extict
6.3 Active
6.4 Dormant
7 Mid-Ocean Ridges
7.1 Magma rises through cracks in crust
7.1.1 Cools and hardens into rock

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