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Created by Katz over 5 years ago
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Map Features
1 Direction
1.1 All maps should have a north arrow on them
1.2 This enables you to work out the relative position of one place 2 another
2 Legend/Key
2.1 A legend is a part of the map where all the symbols are shown
2.2 Together with a description of what each symbol represents.
3 Grid Refrencing
3.1 Grid Refrencing allows us to pin-point a particular location
3.2 Letter&Number (eg: 5D)
4 Scale
4.1 All maps are smaller than the part of the earths surface may represent
4.2 The scale tells you how much smaller the map is
4.3 If you know the scale,you can calculate the difference between locations on the map
5 Co-ordinates
5.1 Longitude
5.1.1 Runs from North
5.1.2 0* Greenwich Meriddean
5.1.3 Western Hemisphere
5.1.4 Eastern Hemisphere
5.2 Latitude
5.2.1 Runs from West to east
5.2.2 Northern Hemishphere
5.2.3 Southern Hemisphere
5.2.4 23 1/2* south-Tropic of capricorn
5.2.5 23 1/2* north-tropic of cancer

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