the hook hampshire - good place to live


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the hook hampshire - good place to live
  1. location and ket facts about the area
    1. large village - pop of 8334, north east hampshire - 42 miles sw london
      1. picturesque valleys surrounded by white waters
        1. close to the junction 5 of the M3 motorway - links london to south hampton
          1. home to large companies such as virgin
          2. how do socio - economic factors contribute to good health
            1. affluent area = good health care and access to large companies - locals are employed in professional jobs - boosts economy
              1. average earnings = £839 in 2014 = 1/3 higher than the UK average
              2. employee rate = 77% higher than the national average = 71%,
              3. how does the physical environment contribute to good health
                1. low deprivation rates of about 20% decreased deprivation
                  1. people tend to be fit and healthy - in 2011 over 97% repot good health
                    1. low crime rate
                      1. more access to natural beaty e.g new forest also the hook common has protected habitats, also sporting sites e.g football
                      2. examples of the hook as a healthier place to live
                        1. much lower than average mortality rates - lower incidences of disease
                          1. BUT in 2015 it had bad statistics of people being killed on the roads
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