Poetry Terms

callie fleet
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High School English 9 Mind Map on Poetry Terms, created by callie fleet on 05/27/2014.

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callie fleet
Created by callie fleet over 5 years ago
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Poetry Terms
1 Dramatic Irony
2 Foreshadowing
3 light/dark imagery
4 Meters
4.1 Unstressed: u
4.2 stressed symbol: /
4.3 Iambic: u/
4.4 Trochaic: /u
4.5 Anapestic: uu/
4.6 Dactylic: /uu
5 Sound Devices:
5.1 Alliteration: "Peter Piper"
5.2 Assonance: "I want it all"
5.3 Onomatopoeia: "bang"
5.4 Consonance: Silly ball

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