9C Topics and Objectives

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Gabby x
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9C Topics and Objectives
1 Plant Reactions
1.1 Explain why plants need to photosynthesise and respire
1.1.1 Plants need to photosythesise and respire to help to plant grow and make new substances. This is because they use what is around them to store and make new things. Without this they wouldn't be able to survive and if they die out then the humans do to, this is because there would be no-one to take it our exhaled carbon dioxide and no-one to give out oxygen, which is used for breathing.
1.2 Write word equations for these processes
1.2.1 Respiration = Oxygen + Glucose =7 Carbon dioxide + Water
1.2.2 Photosynthesis = Carbon dioxide + Water =7 Oxygen + Glucose
1.3 Describe where the raw materials for these processes come from
2 Sun, Soil and Air
2.1 Describe how water and carbon dioxide get to leaves
2.2 Explain how plant organs and cells are adapted to their functions
2.2.1 Plant organs and cells are adapted to its functions because a vein conting the Xylem and Phoem, carry the products of photosynthesise so it is good as they are in a network of veins to travel around the leaf quickely and easily. Also surrounding the Xylem and Phloen, there are spongy cells called mesopkyil, where there are gaps for gases to go. This is where oxygen and carbon dioxide and water vapour is exchanged or moved through. The stoma is made up of two Guard cells and these are incharge of how much water is let out. If there is too much water Guard cells open up further to let more water vapour out. If the leaves do not haave enough water ther Guard cells close up to keep the water vapour in.
2.3 Explain why water is needed by plants
3 Plant Hormones
4 Hydroponics
5 Crop Farming
6 Farming Problems

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