Reasons for Appeasement 1925-1937

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Reasons Britain appeased Germany in the years 1925-1937

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Reasons for Appeasement 1925-1937
1 Public opinion
1.1 King vs Country debate 1933
1.2 Peace ballot 1933
1.2.1 People vote in favour of international armed resistance against an aggressor
1.3 Anti war literature popularity
2.1 Public dislike of war due to past horrors
2.1.1 Links to anti-war feelings
2.2 Debt owed to those who died
2.3 The war costed a lot economically and caused domestic issues which took priority over armaments
3 League of Nations
3.1 Widespread faith in LoN
3.1.1 Better means of keeping peace
3.2 Over 400,000 members/supporters
3.3 Required backing of all major world powers to stay in control
3.3.1 By 1937 only Br, Fr and the Soviet Union remained as active major powers in the LoN
4 Sympathy for Germany
4.1 Belief Germany was treated too harshly
4.2 Idea that the extremely high reparations would cause economic chaos
4.2.1 When this came to fruition people backed lowering reparations Dawes and Young plan
4.2.2 Destabilise world Trade
5 Soviet Union
5.1 Br and Fr distrust
5.1.1 Had seen what Stalin had been doing (purges) Caused fear
5.2 Communism viewed as a higher threat than Facism
5.2.1 Strong anti-communist Germany would help stop the spread of communism
6 Imperial dimension
6.1 Had to consider the self governing colonies
6.1.1 Most opposed giving Br military support in the event of WW2
6.1.2 1935 Government of India act
7 National Defence
7.1 Air force had few fighter and bomber planes and air defence was inadequate
7.2 Army
7.2.1 Poorly equipped
7.2.2 Could not offer much help against Germany aggression
7.2.3 1919 Savage cuts 5.5 million - 400,000
7.2.4 30% of govt spending - 10% by 1937
7.2.5 10 year rule states Br will not go to war for 10 years to money on Army is spent as such
7.3 Navy
7.3.1 Tied with USA for strongest in the inter-war period
7.3.2 Overstretched Not possible to keep supremacy in the North Sea, Mediterranean and the Pacific Could not protect empire and trade
7.3.3 Outdated due to naval treaties in 1922 and 1930
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