Why did Germany lose WW2?


why germany lost WW2
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Why did Germany lose WW2?
  1. Actions of Allies
    1. Bombing of German cities and factories-- especially Dresden
      1. Food cut-out
        1. Naval blockades from British marine
          1. Allies had extra supplies from America
        2. Internal opposition
          1. Churches originally for war but by 1943 against it. Public priests against Nazis
            1. Serious labor shortage by 1944- 13 million German men at war
              1. 'Light Depression by 1940' after Ally bombing and news of war being declared with Russia
                1. Nazi membership fell + 'defeatism' over war
                2. Lots of military generals against Nazis-- Stauffenberg bomb plot
                3. Battle of Britain-- by 1940 Germany had most of Europe but not Britain
                  1. Operation Sealion of 1940-- Conquer air above channel
                    1. Germans had X3 more planes than British
                      1. Germans had longer route to fight- lost petrol easily
                        1. Britain switched to smaller, more agile fighter planes-- X4 as Germany
                          1. Britain developed radar by 1938
                        2. Operation Barbarossa
                          1. Battle of Stalingrad
                            1. Hitler refused to retreat- 500,000 Germans dead
                            2. Siege of Leningrad
                              1. 1/3 of the Russians died = 1 million
                                1. No reinforcements- German too confident
                                2. June 1941
                                  1. after 1st month-- captured land size X2 of Germany
                                    1. 2000 planes downed in first 2 days
                                    2. Autumn 1941
                                      1. Germans killed 3 million russians + attacked land instead of attacking Moscow
                                        1. Only got to Moscow by October in cold winter- Germans had no winter clothing
                                        2. Russians had more time to prepare
                                        3. Winter 1941
                                          1. Generals wanted retreat but Hitler said no
                                            1. Siberian troops arrived with winter clothing+equipment in Dec.
                                              1. By January- 900,000 Germans dead from cold, lack of food and Russian army
                                            2. Pearl Harbour attack brought USA into the war
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