Rate of Reaction Factors Mind Map


Looking for a clear way to understand the factors that influence rates of reaction. This clear concise mind map helps you understand the factors.
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Rate of Reaction Factors Mind Map
  1. Temperature
    1. Increasing the temperature increases the rate of reaction
      1. Particles have more energy, so move faster and are more likely to collide
        1. Higher collision frequency means a higher rate of reaction
    2. Concentration
      1. Increasing concentration increases the rate of reaction
        1. More reactants in reaction vessel means successful collisions are more likely
      2. Pressure
        1. Changes in pressure have no effect on reactions that involve solids and liquids
          1. Increasing pressure increases the rate of reaction for reactions involving gases
            1. Reactant particles are squeezed closer together so collision frequency increases
          2. Catalysts
            1. Substances that change the rate of reaction but remain chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction
              1. Catalysts provide a surface on which the reacting molecules can collide
                1. Reduces the amount of energy required for a successful collision
                  1. Many particles will have more energy than this lower threshold, and so the collision frequency and rate of reaction will increase
              2. Surface area
                1. Increasing the surface area to volume ratio of the reactants increases the rate of reaction
                  1. When one of the reactants is in a large lump, the other reactant cannot react with the particles in the middle
                    1. Smaller particle size leads to higher surface are and an increase in the collision frequency
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