AS P1 Topics

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AS P1 Topics
1 Buoyancy
1.1 Buoyancy occurs due to density of solid < density of liquid
1.1.1 Upthrust = Weight + Drag 4/3 π r^3 ρ (fluid) = M(sphere) g + 6π η r v
1.2 Sinking occurs due to density of solid > density of liquid
1.2.1 M(sphere) g = 4/3 π r^3 ρ (fluid) + 6π η r v Weight = Upthrust + Drag
1.3 Density = Mass of material for given volume: Kg/m^3
1.3.1 Mass = Density x Volume
1.3.2 Volume = Mass / Density
1.4 For terminal velocity, F=ma = 0
1.4.1 Can determine the viscosity using this!
1.5 Stoke's law (viscous drag) = 6π η r v
1.6 Boats
2 Resolution of vectors
2.1 Trigonometry
2.1.1 Sin(theta) = Opposite/Hypotenuse
2.1.2 Cos(theta) = Adjacent/Hypotenuse
2.1.3 Tan(theta) = Opposite/Adjacent
2.2 Pythagoras
2.2.1 C^2 = A^2 + B^2
2.3 Vectors can be resolved to horizontal and vertical forces
3 Materials
3.1 Hooke's law
3.1.1 F = -k x
3.2 Young modulus
3.2.1 Elastic region: The linear part of a stress-strain graph. If a material is deformed in this area it will go back to its original dimensions
3.2.2 Plastic region: The area where non-linear behaviour is seen on stress-strain graph. If this occurs then the material will remain deformed
3.3 Brittle: Very small region of plastic deformation before mechanical failure
3.4 Ductile: Can be drawn into wires
3.5 Malleable: Can be beaten into sheets and deformed
4 Friction
4.1 Resolution of vectors
6 Projectile Motion

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