M3: Analyse the benefits of expeditions to public services

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Mind Map on M3: Analyse the benefits of expeditions to public services, created by Kiwi.is.a.fruit on 05/17/2013.

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Created by Kiwi.is.a.fruit over 6 years ago
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M3: Analyse the benefits of expeditions to public services
1 Skill devlopment
1.1 Map reading
1.1.1 Navigation
1.1.2 Army: finding your way round and knowing your surrondings
1.1.3 Police service: responding to calls, even though they use a sat nav. map reading can be used for rural areas or when going out and need to reconise locations that the sat nav cant
1.1.4 Ambulance service
1.1.5 planning ahead
1.2 Teamwork
1.3 Organisation
1.3.1 Logistics
1.3.2 planning ahead
1.4 Campcraft
1.4.1 survival (Army) fires need to be made for warmth
1.4.2 setting up, packing up
2 Self confidence
2.1 Believeing in yourself
2.2 Being able to do something confidently
2.3 Polceman needs to have self confidence. especially in court trying to prove someone is guilty. they need to be hable to tell the story.
3 Physical benefits
3.1 improve fitness
3.2 become more physically fit to do things
3.3 improves in strength and stamina
4 Co-operation
4.1 working with others
4.2 understanding others
5 Teamwork
5.1 public services working together
5.1.1 working as a team
5.1.2 Ambulance, fireservice and police servce all work together on road accidents to find out what has happend, and how to deal with the whole situation.
5.2 co-operation
6 Planning
6.1 route
6.1.1 emergancy route if it has to change
6.2 security planning at events
6.3 what equipment to to bring
6.3.1 how much to bring
7 Problem solveing
7.1 getting lost on route
7.2 changeing the route/plan
8 Communication
8.1 talk about what went well and what didn't
8.2 Police review on how things wen in situations
8.2.1 talk to other officers to track down criminals
8.3 Fire service talk about how the fire went and how the operation went
8.4 Ambulance service communicate with patient to make sure they are okay

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