Finance-Ratio Analysis

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Finance-Ratio Analysis
1 Liquidity Ratios
1.1 Current Ratio- Current Assets:Current Liabilities
1.2 Acid Test Ratio- Liquid Assets:Current Liabilities
2 Profitability Ratios
2.1 ROCE: Operating Profit / Total Equity + Non-current liabilities
2.2 Net Profit Margin: Net Profit/Revenue x 100 = %
2.3 Gross Profit Margin: Gross Profit/Revenue x 100 = %
3 Gearing Ratios
3.1 Non-Current Liabilities/Total Equity + Non-Current Liabilities (Capital Employed) x 100
4 Shareholders Ratios
4.1 Dividend per share: Total Dividends/number of issued ordinary shares
4.2 Dividend Yield: Ordinary share dividend (in pence) / current market price (in pence) x 100
5 Financial Effiiciency Ratios
5.1 Asset Turnover: Revenue / Net Assets
5.2 Inventory (stock) turnover : Cost of Sales / Average inventories (stock) held
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