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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Computer Games, created by Jade Fantom on 05/17/2013.

Jade Fantom
Created by Jade Fantom over 6 years ago
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Computer Games
1 Aggressive Games
1.1 Some people believe that computer games can make children aggressive due to the violent themes of certain games and the adrenaline the children feel when playing the games.
1.2 For example, COD is seen as an aggressive game as it involves a lot of shooting and war themes.
1.2.1 Some parents will ban their children off games such as COD or make sure they are in the room with them when playing it.
2 Health risks
2.1 RSI
2.1.1 This is a possible health risk as if the person spends a number of continuous hours on the game, they will be sat in the same position and be using their hands excessively, maybe leading them to develop RSI (repetitive strain injury)
2.2 Rickets
2.2.1 This is the softening of the bones, particularly common in children and can lead to fractures and deformity.
2.2.2 Children can get it from playing computer games is they spend so much time on them sat in the same position and using the same bones over and over again to play.
2.3 Eye strain
3 Avoiding health risks
3.1 Take regular breaks from the game to rest your eyes so you don't get eye strain and so you can prevent the risk of getting RSI and rickets.
3.2 Ergonomics
3.2.1 Use game equipment that has been ergonomically designed to prevent health risks, such as special chairs to help maintain your posture, wrist rests to prevent RSI and other special equipment available.
4 Education
4.1 Some people believe that computer games can help education, such as new apps that help children interact and learn rather than being bored in writing things out.
4.2 People can also learn by socialising with people over computer games and picking new things up from them.
4.3 Video games can stimulate the mind and allow people to take on a challenge.
5 Ethics of downloading and using software that you haven't paid for
5.1 Copyright
5.1.1 If you do this then you haven't bought the rights to own the software and will be breaching copyright
5.2 Illegal
5.2.1 It is illegal to do this and you may be questioned by the police and sentenced to prison if you are caught doing this.
5.3 Torrent Sites
5.3.1 These are sites where you can download software for free off other people. This is illegal.
6 Ways to play computer games
6.1 Online with friends
6.2 hands-free
6.3 Online with people all over the world

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