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  1. Hardware- Parts of technology you can touch.
    1. Input devices- Devices used to input information into a computer system.
      1. Keyboard
        1. Image scanner
          1. Microphone
            1. Pointing Devices
              1. Graphics tablet
                1. Joystick
                  1. Light pen
                    1. Mouse
                      1. Pointing stick
                        1. Touch Pad
                          1. Touch Screen
                            1. Trackball
                            2. Webcam
                            3. Output devices- Devices used to output information from a computer system.
                              1. Printer
                                1. Speaker
                                  1. Monitor
                                    1. Plotter
                                  2. Software- Parts of technology you cannot touch.
                                    1. Application Software
                                      1. Office Suits
                                        1. Video Games
                                        2. Embedded Software
                                          1. System Software- Designed to operate system hardware
                                            1. Platform Software
                                              1. Firmware
                                                1. Device Drivers
                                                  1. Operating systems
                                                    1. Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
                                                    2. Programming Software
                                                      1. Compilers
                                                        1. Debuggers
                                                          1. Interpreters
                                                            1. Linkers
                                                              1. Text editors
                                                                1. Can be used by a computer programmer to aid in writing computer programs for computer software.
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