Biometric Data

Jade Fantom
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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Biometric Data, created by Jade Fantom on 05/17/2013.

Jade Fantom
Created by Jade Fantom over 6 years ago
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Biometric Data
1 Finger Prints
1.1 These can be used to identify pupils at school
1.2 Can be used in crime scene investigations to identify people involved
1.3 Everyone has unique finger prints
1.4 School systems
1.4.1 This can also be used in schools within school dinner systems by making the child use a finger print scanner to pay for their food as the scanner would identify the person and take money out of their online account. Parents can top their child's account up by going online and using an online banking system with their credit cards or sending the money with the child and making them put it into their account at school using a cash system.
1.4.2 Security measures should be put in to prevent people from accessing the children's data, such as passwords or pins on the school system that are only known by staff.
2 Vein recognition
3 Ear recognition
4 Hair samples
5 Retina scans
6 Hand geometry recognition
7 Dental records
9 This type of identification can't be used to make purchases online as the people that are selling the product won't be able to get hold of the biometric data as it comes from the person themselves and can't be given out over a computer.

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