To Kill A Mockingbird - Chapters 1-3

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To Kill A Mockingbird - Chapters 1-3
1 Novel about three years in the life of the Finch Family: Atticus, Jem and Scout
1.1 Atticus is a lawyer that defends a black man against the charge of raping a white girl
1.2 Story is told in first person by Scout Finch and we see things from her point all the way through the book
2 Jem and Scout meet Dill who has come to his aunts in Maycomb for the summer
3 Dill becomes interested in Boo Radley - someone Scout and Jem have never seen
4 A Myth has grown up locally about Boo and the children are scared of him
5 After vacation, Scout starts school.
5.1 Scout can already read and write but her teacher tells her she is doing it wrong
5.2 Scout takes an immediate disliking to school
5.3 She gets in trouble for telling the teacher why Walter Cunningham cannot borrow money as his family wont be able to pay it back
5.4 Jem invites Walter for dinner
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