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Brideshead Quotes
1 Love/ Friendship
1.1 'Sebastian had disappeared into that other life of hi where I was not asked to follow, and I was left, instead, forlorn and regretful
1.2 Blanche: 'You musn't blame Sebastian for being insipid' Charles: I thought I hated him
1.3 Seb: 'We'll have a heavenly time alone'
1.4 Cara: 'Romantic friendships of English and German. They're not Latin'
1.4.1 'The kind of love that comes to children before they know it's meaning'
1.5 He did not fail in love, but he lost his joy of it, for I was no longer part of his solitude.
1.5.1 As my intimacy with his family grew I became part of the world which he sought to escape; I became one of the bonds which held him.
1.6 Charles and Sebastian contra mundum'
2 Religion
2.1 'When people wanted to hate God they'd hate Mummy'
2.2 He used to spend such a time in the confessional, I used to wonder what he had to say, because he never did anything wrong; never quite; at least, he never got punished.
2.3 'You can't believe things because they're a lovely idea' 'But I do, that's how I believe'
2.4 It may be a private bargain between me and God, that if I give up this one thing I want so much, however bad I am, He won't quite despair of me in the end
3 Youth/ Loss/ Regret
3.1 He was magically beautiful, with that epicene quality which in extreme youth sings aloud for love and withers at the first cold wind
3.2 Our wisdom, we prefer to think, is all of our own gathering, while, if the truth be told, it is, most of it, the last coin of a legacy that dwindles with time
3.3 The languor of Youth – how unique and quintessential it is! How quickly, how irrecoverably, lost
3.4 "I have left behind illusion," I said to myself. "Henceforth I live in a world of three dimensions – with the aid of my five senses."
3.5 But these young people have such an intelligent, knowledgeable surface, and then the crust suddenly breaks and you look down into depths of confusion you didn't know existed.
3.6 Johnjohn who made him see reason about that girl; seriously, you know, he's frightfully sharp
3.6.1 Like Cordelia, youth = wisdom
4 Anti- Pastoral
4.1 'fearing it was too simple for Rex, I added Caviar au blinis'
4.2 'I rejoiced in the Burgandy. It was a reminder that the world was older and better place than Rex knew'
5 Misc
5.1 'You'd think him so English, Marchmain. Full of hate'
5.2 When people hate with so much energy it is something in themselves they are hating
5.3 Critics
5.3.1 'The books excesses are a big part of it's charm'
5.3.2 Orwell: 'As popular a writer can be with untenable ideas'
5.4 Waugh: 'Only when one has lost all curiosity about the future has one reached the age to write an autobiography'
5.5 St Sebastian

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