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1 why were the 5 year plans introduced
1.1 stalin wanted more exports and less imports
1.2 ussr needed to become a superpower to keep up with the west
1.3 wanted to modernise Russia.... through industrialization he could modernise agriculture aswell as industry
1.4 felt that they needed to go through industrialisation to get to the socialist state wanted, which was based on the power base of the working class
2.1 focused on heavy industry
2.2 set up the creation of new super factories
2.2.1 magnitogorsk
2.3 successes
2.3.1 coal 35 million in 1928 to 68million in 1932
2.3.2 steel from 4 million tonnes to 6 in 1932
2.3.3 Helped reduce the gap between themselves and the Western superpowers
2.4 failures
2.4.1 7-10 million people died
2.4.2 neglect of consumer industries production of shoes went down so they were expensive also there were too many left boots produced, and not enough right boots
2.4.3 decline in working conditions
2.5 1928-32
3 Second 5YP
3.1 focused on production of consumer goods
3.2 also the needs for defence during the rise of Hitler
3.3 Stalin prioritised communication network
3.3.1 moscow underground railway
3.4 successes
3.4.1 stakanovite movement in 1935 stakanov produced over 14 times the required amount the party could promote the stakhonovite movement through the media workers were inspired or shamed into working harder
3.5 failures
3.5.1 overproduction in some areas of the economy and underproduction in others
3.5.2 "everywhere there were said to be spies wreckers and diversionists"
3.5.3 defence spending increased by 300% 1933-38
3.5.4 tagets set for workers were increased and non of them were met
3.5.5 the gap between 'workers wages' and 'better paid proffesionals' widened which displayed capitalism
3.6 1932-37
4 3rd 5 year plan
4.1 1937-41
4.2 particular focus on defence sector due to growing threat of nazi germany
4.3 expand the provision of secondary education throughout the USSR
4.4 successes
4.4.1 heavy industry grew... defence and armaments grew rapidly as resources were diverted to them
4.5 failures
4.5.1 oil production failed to reach targets and lead to a fuel crisis
4.5.2 consumer industries were neglected again
4.5.3 manufacturers ran short of materials
4.6 focus on gaining control through propaganda

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