Touching The Void

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Touching The Void
1 Joe's Account
1.1 Attitude
1.1.1 Trying to avoid reality 'It doesn't hurt so much'
1.1.2 Know's what is coming
1.1.3 Worried for Simon 'Simon would be ripped off the mountain'
1.1.4 Confused/ Doesn't know what to do next 'I felt overwhelmed' 'The rushing speed of it confused me'
1.2 Literary Techniques
1.2.1 Modal Verbs 'must', 'could', 'would' Creates a sense of urgency, determination, optimism and forward thinking.
1.2.2 List of Three 'It ruptured, twisted, crushed.' The words accumulate in quick succession, building up to the climax of a grotesque visual image. Emphasizes how swiftly events deteriorated.
1.2.3 Pace of Text 'grow', 'quickly' The reader begins to read at the pace described, and this creates a sense of panic and urgency.
1.2.4 Short Sentences 'I'm dead', 'Nothing happened' Very blunt and finite sentences, which could illustrate Joe's attempt to simplify his overwhelming and confusing circumstances. Direct speech conveys immediacy of thought.
1.2.5 Ellipsis ',,,Alone...' Creates dramatic suspense in whit Joe is trying to process his understanding of the situation, and his current circumstances.
1.2.6 Rhetorical Questions 'Left here?', 'Alone' Repeated use of rhetorical questions reinforces Joe's vulnerability and insecurity as he is unknowing of how his situation will conclude.
1.2.7 Extreme Adjectives 'grated' Onomatopoeic adjective amplifying the disturbing nature of his accident. Not normally associated with injury, therefore highlights surreal and indescribable pain.
1.2.8 Metaphor 'pain flooded' An omnipotent force used to describe overpowering nature of injury. 'a fierce burning fire' Alliteration of 'fierce' and 'fire' stress the overwhelming pain.
2 Simon's Account
2.1 Attitude
2.1.1 Emotionless/heartless 'He looked pathetic'
2.1.2 Pessimistic/negative 'Joe was definitely going to fall'
2.1.3 Practical/realistic 'If I tried to get down, I might die with him'
2.1.4 Instinctive to save himself 'I could get down'
2.2 Literary Techniques
2.2.1 Ellipsis ' fall...' Simon is waiting for something to happen, whereas Joe tries to understand what has happened. It's almost as if Simon is waiting for Joe to fall, and is careless of the fact he might die.
2.2.2 Inverted Syntax 'I trudges forwards, slowly' Emphasis is drawn to the last word. Highlights the slow and droning situation, and the lack of urgency.
2.2.3 Modal Verbs 'I could get down', 'I would wait' Simon is speculating about the future, and is considering his own safety rather than Joe's.
2.2.4 3rd Person Repetition of 'he' Simon is merely an observer of Joe's situation, and use of the 3rd person 'he' exacerbates his detachment and lack of involvement.
3 Overview
3.1 Two pieces of autobiographical prose narrative (monologues)
3.1.1 Different perspectives on same event.
3.2 1st person narrative

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