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Oedipus the King
The Odyssey: Key Books and Vocab
Classical Civilisations A2 - Augustus and the Empire
Health and Social Care
enzymes and the organ system
Pathos in Battle
Latin Literature Exam Techniques
Natural philosophy
Yakimo Noe
1 The roman invasion on Britain
1.1 On 55 and 54 BC lead by Julious ceaser
1.2 On the first invasion the Romans were repeled by the British by them crushing the boas from a higher vantage point and throwing rocks at them from the cliffs of Dover
1.3 The second time they moved all the way to Scotland and built the wall of Hastings to keep out the tribes
1.4 Bouduca
1.4.1 Rebel ruler Helped stop the Romans from advancing any further
1.4.2 She was english
1.4.3 She used gorrilla tactics to scare the Romans
1.5 The british defence against the Romans
1.5.1 Lead by tribes
1.5.2 Supported morally by highly religious Druids
1.5.3 Used gorilla warfare
1.5.4 They knew the forests very well and could out smart the Romans
1.5.5 Had very good war tatics
2 Gods
2.1 Neptune
2.1.1 Sea storms horses and earthquakes
2.2 Juno
2.2.1 Queen of gods and oversaw marriage
2.3 Jupiter
2.3.1 King of gods thunder and lighting
2.4 Vulcan
2.4.1 Metal working and volcanoes
2.5 Apollo
2.5.1 Poetry music prophecy the sun
2.6 Pluto
2.6.1 God of the underworld
2.7 Diana
2.7.1 God of hunting animals and the moon
2.8 Bacchus
2.8.1 God of wine
2.9 Mars
2.9.1 God of tactical warfare and bloodthirsty violence
2.10 Minerva
2.10.1 War brains
2.11 Ceres
2.11.1 Crops harvests and seasons
2.12 Venus
2.12.1 Love and bueaty
3 Gladiators and circus
3.1 Circus
3.1.1 Morden day stock racing
3.1.2 The track is oval
3.1.3 More watched than gladiator fights
3.1.4 Chariot racing with ALOT of cheating
3.2 Gladiator fights
3.2.1 Highly spectated
3.2.2 Only 20% of fights ended in death
3.2.3 Watched by emperors
3.2.4 Very intense
3.2.5 At night would be when the serious fights would be
3.2.6 Christians and other prisinors were also killed in the arena by lions

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