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Explaining about ice caps in detail. Good for all especially Year 8 End Of Year Exam. :)

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1 Ice Caps
1.1 Ice Caps are found in Antartica.
1.2 Effects:
1.2.1 Ice caps melt which cause floods


  • They melt because of global warming and ice melts under heat so that is what happens. They melt because of Global Warming and ice melts under heat and turns to water which rises sea levels and that is what happens
1.2.2 When floods happen it affects people eg. Buisnesses lost, People homeless, People killed,Lots of people have to migrate to different countries which causes population density in countries.
1.2.3 Animals are dying because there habitat is going as they walk and live on the ice. Eg... Polar bears can't swim Penguins can swim but not for long periods of time.
1.3 Examples
1.3.1 Tuvulu: is an island only 2 meters above water and by 2040 sea levels are expected to rise by 7 meters so Tuvulu will be completely submerged under water.
2 Geopolitics of Africa
2.1 Issues
2.1.1 BOKO HARAM A terrorist group who terrorise the West Of Africa, mainly Nigeria, as they don't believe in Girls having rights and going to school, they are Muslim extremists. 200 school girls where kidnapped and are still missing. UK, USA and other countries have all started helping Nigeria find the girls and some boys. "Save our Girls" campaign is what it's called.
2.1.2 Al-Shabab Al-Shabab means The Youth in Arabic. A Islamist Militant group situated in Somalia but have launched a spring of attacks in the neighbouring country Kenya. Al-Shabab bombed "Kenya (it's in Nairobi) National Shopping Centre in 2013. Which was there biggest attack when at least 68 people died. In 2011, al-Shabab carried out a series of attacks and kidnappings across the border in Kenya
2.2 Effects
2.2.1 Arranged marriages me under age pregnacy as most arranged marages require a girl to be married and have kids between 13-18 years old (i think). But from a younger age the girls are trained to be the perfect wives for there husband, e.g. Washing clothes, Fetching water, taking care of children/kids, making food and being an all round good stay at home stay silent mother.
2.2.2 One side of Africa is better developped than other sides, which cause jealousy then countries go into war. When countries go into war the residents bare always put in danger and families get broken up as some of them go fight in war and die or go away for long and others get killed by the opposing army
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