Geography YEAR 8

Jonathan Ng
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Jonathan Ng
Created by Jonathan Ng over 5 years ago
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Geography YEAR 8
1 Weather and Climate
2 Tourism in the Phil
2.1 Tourists are people who travel to one place to another
2.1.1 Tourists go to a place for Education, R&R and/or Business
2.1.2 International tourists are people who travel beyond their respective countries
2.1.3 Kinds of Tourists Inbound Tourists Visitors from the same country going to a place within that countries territory Jon --> Boracay Outbound tourist Visitors from outside of the country Jon --> Paris
2.2 What is Tourism
2.2.1 Tourism is the business that supports the tourists
2.2.2 Advantages of Tourism Economy Business for locals Jobs for locals More investments increased trade increased sale of local merchandise Land owners sell land for higher price Land value Beautification of the hotspot Bohol Beach nourishment Palawan UNESCO underground river Social Increased media attention News coverage Better known Better relations with other countries Intermarriage positive negative
2.2.3 Disadvantages Heightened Traffic Accidents Slow travel time Harrasment Pollution Trash improper handling of garbage Tourists Locals Vandalism Graffiti Ecological damage Increased Construction Destruction of Coral Reefs Less attraction for snorklers Destruction of natural habitats Less natural parks to see Flattening of Mountains Less scenic for long road trips Dynamite Fishing Illegal fishing Overfishing Over cultivation of fish in Taal volcanoe lake Noise International Incident 2010 Manila Hostage Crisis Chinese tourists boycott Malaysia Airlines as result of MH370 Vietnamese tourism falls by 45% because of Chinese boycott
3.1 Communist
3.2 One child policy
4 Trip to Taal
5 Human Rights
6 Exams
6.1 In the end of year exam you will be given THREE questions of which you will answer TWO. There will be a question on: 1. Weather and Climate 2. Tourism in the Philippines 3. Human Rights For each answer you will receive a level - see the mark scheme to the right. You will then be given an average of the two levels as your overall level. The exam is 1hr long - you should take 30minutes to answer each of the two questions you have chosen. The emphasis is on SKILL but you will need KNOWLEDGE in order to demonstrate your skills.

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