Coasts EQ 1

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Created by Kat17 over 6 years ago
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Coasts EQ 1
1 Physical factors of coastlines
1.1 Geomorphology
1.2 Topography
1.3 Natural harbours
1.4 Spits/bars
2 Factors which have led to exponential population growth in some environments
2.1 flat land
2.2 soil fertility
2.3 equable climate
2.4 biodiversity
2.5 potential
2.5.1 for fishing
2.5.2 for recreation/tourism
2.5.3 for industrial and port development
2.5.4 for accessibility
3 Fieldwork and research
3.1 To show how these factors have shaped the development and growth of contrasting crowded coasts over time
3.2 Great Yarmouth vs Benidorm
3.2.1 Benidorm past economy- tuna fishing & wine production 50's- fish catches declined & disease damaged vines Post- 50's: tourism sea, sun, sand and water sports new hotels package holiday Population growth until 1950s 2,726 1970s 25,000 Today 70,000 Summer pop. 500,000 +
3.2.2 Great Yarmouth Research BBC Website Great Yarmouth views "I was born in Yarmouth in 1950 and think I saw the best of it in my teenage years. Yarmouth then, was exciting, vibrant, and, most of all- fun!" "I've seen Yarmouth go from bad to worse." 10.2% unemployment (year ending Sep 2011) Pop. growth 22, 605 (1801) 90,813 (2001) Fieldwork Consequences of growth Questionairre 3 people thought it was crowded with tourism 1 thought jobs were created 3 thought there was increased business 3 thought there was more litter 4 thought there was increased congestion

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