The Tempest - Context

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How does Shakespeare present villainy in Macbeth?
The Tempest
Dirk Weibye
The Weimar Republic, 1919-1929
“The knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Lucia Rocha Mejia
The Tempest Context
Joe Brown
The Tempest-Learning quotes
The Tempest Critical Interpretation
Joe Brown
The Tempest - Context 2
The Tempest Key Themes
Joe Brown
The Tempest - Context
1 Written 1610-1611
1.1 Believed it was first performed at court (1611) for the marriage of Jame's daughter, Elizabeth
2 Jacobean era
2.1 King James I
2.1.1 1566 - 1625
3 Tragicomedy
3.1 Shakey's last play
3.1.1 Ending - really about Shakey leaving his 'art' behind? Can be seen as aborted revenge tragedy spectacle Link to masques
4 Witchcraft
4.1 King James - Daemonologie


  • A treatise about witchcraft
4.1.1 He presided over many witch trials. Many people condemned. He believed witches caused the storm which delayed him and his new wife getting back to Scotland
5 Colonisation and fear of the Other
5.1 Sycorax originates from Algiers in the play


  • Algiers - North Africa
6 William Strachey
6.1 'Eyewitness Account of a Shipwreck in the Bermudas'
6.1.1 'A most dreadful Tempest'
6.1.2 By the mercy of God [we were brought] safe into the Island'
7 Montaigne 'Of the Cannibals'
7.1 those who forgive immediately are less virtuous than those who want to take revenge, but struggle against this desire
8 Francis Bacon 'Of Revenge'
8.1 Revenge is 'a kind of wild justice'
8.1.1 Those who take revenge are equal to the person who wronged them but those who forgive are superior
9 Machiavelli (The Prince)
9.1 Antonio
9.1.1 Machiavellian Character
10 White Magic ('rough magic')
11 Etymology of Names
11.1 Prospero - 'prosperous'
11.2 Miranda - 'worthy of admiration'
11.3 Ferdinand - 'bold adventurer'
12 John Dee
12.1 Possible influence on the characters of Faustus and Prospero
12.1.1 Marlowe likely knew Dee
12.2 Magician at court of Queen Elizabeth
12.3 Fell out of favour in Jacobean era as James I was unsympathetic towards magic
12.4 Died in poverty 1608/9

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