Product Development


Product Development Scheme
Ashleigh Keith
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Ashleigh Keith
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Product Development
    1. DESIGN
      1. PAGES:
        1. Non Shop:
          1. HOME
            1. ABOUT
              1. CONTACT
                1. SERVICES
                2. SHOPS
                  1. ALL of the above plus:
                    1. Shop
                      1. Lookbooks
                  2. Extras:
                    1. Look Books
                      1. Sales Page
                        1. Opt in Thank You Page
                        2. WEEK TWO
                          1. PACKAGING
                            1. VIDEOS
                              1. Getting Started with Squarespace
                                1. Same video for each package.
                                2. Homepage Set Up
                                  1. For Shops
                                    1. Ecommerce Set Up
                                      1. Look Book Set Uo
                                        1. Popups, Announcement Bar, etc.
                                      2. Getting Started with Photoshop
                                        1. Set Up of Any Special Features
                                        2. WRITTEN CONTENT
                                          1. Website Content Planner
                                            1. Pre-Launch checklist
                                              1. Same for each package
                                              2. For Shops:
                                                1. Ecommerce Launch Checklist
                                                  1. Pre-Launch Checkist
                                                  2. PDF list of resources that may help: social media promotion schedule, editorial calender, etc.
                                                  3. WEEK THREE
                                                    1. Social Media
                                                      1. Sneal Peals, Feature Highlights, Behind the Scenes, Written Feedback from Testers
                                                        1. Giveaway
                                                          1. Facebook & Pinterest Paid Promo:
                                                            1. HDS Email List
                                                              1. Must follow on chosen Social Media platform and comment something slily and funny
                                                            2. Pinterest Promo
                                                              1. Super Long Form
                                                                1. Branding Mockups, Device Mockup, and long form homepage preview
                                                                  1. Paid Promos
                                                                2. Medium Form
                                                                  1. Just Device Mockup and homepage preview
                                                                  2. Short From
                                                                    1. Branding Mockups Only
                                                                3. Written Content
                                                                  1. Case Study & Feature Highlight
                                                                    1. Add On Later, Testimonial / Review
                                                                    2. Product Description
                                                                    3. One Week Post Giveaway Theme installation
                                                                      1. Product is Thrown Into Regular Promotion Loops
                                                                  2. Design Feedback
                                                                    1. Email
                                                                      1. Email Idea: Send out asking for feedback from a random selection of email list
                                                                        1. Include link to survey in live demo
                                                                          1. Those that fill it out are entered in the giveaway
                                                                            1. Giveaway Ideas: 1st Place: Theme for Free & Installation ; 2nd Place: Theme for free Online ; 3rd: $10 Off entire order from shop
                                                                              1. Add 3rd place winners to list especially for them. Will send emails to them first when new themes arrive.
                                                                                1. Non-Winners: put on a list where they hear about themes first
                                                                                  1. 1st and 2nd Place Winners: give them the to be an affiliate.
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