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GCSE English Lit Mind Map on Kindertransport, created by princessscout on 05/19/2013.

Created by princessscout over 6 years ago
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1 Characters
1.1 Evelyn/Eva
1.1.1 Does not understand why she is being sent way al the time
1.1.2 Forgets about her old Identity and becomes English
1.1.3 Guilty of her survival and change
1.1.4 Has a problematic relationship with her daughter, Faith
1.2 Helga
1.2.1 Eva's natural mother who sends her away from Nazi Germany
1.2.2 She survives the holocaust
1.2.3 She returns to England to retive Eva but is sourly rejected
1.2.4 Tries to encourage Eva to be independent for when she's not there for her
1.2.5 She leaves for New York alone after being rejected
1.3 Faith
1.3.1 Knows nothing of her Mum's past
1.3.2 Feels rejected by her Mum
1.3.3 Becomes obssesive about her past
1.3.4 Finds lots of her Mum's old things in the attic
1.3.5 Has a rough relationship with her Mum and angry at her for keeping this secret
1.4 Lil
1.4.1 Eva/Evelyns adopted Mum
1.4.2 Working class - smokes
1.4.3 Wants Eva to cut off her German ties
1.4.4 Has heard of the Jewish Plight's and wants to help
1.4.5 Feels responsible for Evelyn's happiness
1.4.6 Very protective of Evelyn
2 Themes/Motifs
2.1 Ratcatcher
2.1.1 Like an 'angel of death' his reason for punishment is ingratitude
2.1.2 NOT HUMAN Exists for each character in a different guise Always there but not always visible
2.1.3 He haunts people. Controls memories to bring out fears
2.1.5 German children's story character of pied piper foregrounds the character of the ratcatcher and his actions
2.1.6 Living embodiment of character's fears Controls and commands fears in others
2.2 Mouth Organ
2.3 Jewellery
2.4 Male characters
2.5 Identity

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