Earthquakes and fold mountains

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Created by jeacur over 6 years ago
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Earthquakes and fold mountains
1 Earthquakes
1.1 A sudden and brief period of intense ground shaking
1.2 Focus
1.2.1 The point in the earth's crust where the earthquake originates
1.3 Epicentre
1.3.1 The point at the earth's surface directly above the focus (this is also where the shock waves are strongest and where most damage occurs)
1.4 Shockwave
1.4.1 Seismic waves generated by the earthquake that pass through the earth's crust
1.5 Measuring
1.5.1 Richter scale A seismograph measure shock waves on Richter scale Each point is 10 times stronger than one below No upper limit Adv. is quantatative not qualatative
1.5.2 Mercalli scale A way of measuring by description 1 - barely felt, 5 = felt by almost everyone, sleeping people awoken and windows break
2 Fold mountains
2.1 Form at destructive plate margins
2.1.1 Where 2 continental plates collide at destructive plate margin e.g. Himalayas There is a geosyncline at the fault of the 2 plates Sediment is compressed in layers by overlying sediments in this to form rock Continued compression from both plates cause the rocks to fold into mountains These fold can be simply made up of synclines and antisyclines or if there is more pressure from one plate than the other, overfolds can occur
2.1.2 Where an oceanic and continental plate collide at destructive subduction margin e.g. Andes As one plate subducts under the other, it pulls the plate down with it, creating an extra deep area of the ocean, which is the trench As well, as the plate subducts underneath it causes the plate to crumple/fold up into fold mountains

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