Gender inequality in schools


Gender inequality in schools
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  In the researches, it is seen that the discrimination found between men and women is seen at every stage of education and that girls cannot benefit from education services adequately. The problems are particularly concentrated in the rural areas of the East and Southeast and the slums of the cities. Undoubtedly, with the implementation of the Basic Education Program, great improvements and progress are observed in schools, especially in terms of improving their physical condition. However, many children, especially girls, still face difficulties in accessing the school. This situation is not only due to the physical distance of the schools but also the monetary and social obstacles. In pre-school education, there is no difference between boys and girls, but there is a significant inadequacy. Initial investigations have shown that schools need quantitative improvements as well as qualitative improvements, ie, gender-sensitive curriculum and teaching / learning processes. In order for applications to be successful, many problems such as the employment of children (especially girls' chores), opportunities for education, illiterate parents and patriarchal value judgments will have to be dealt with.

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