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summery of workplace stress with studies to support

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Workplace Stress 4 sources of workplace stress are... · Physical environment- increased noise levels, temperature and office layout increases frustration. · Home- work interface- increased tension between home and work. · Workload and control- extreme workloads can be stressful, but so can having too little to do. Workloads interact with control. Karasek (1979) relationship between works loads (demand) and control (decision latitude). Stressful job = high demand = low control. · Role ambiguity- work role is unclear. High levels of personal control can reduce work [lace stress. Measuring and dealing with workplace stress Cooper et al (1998) devised the occupational stress indicator. He used a self report questionnaire to measure the sources of stress perceived by employees. Aldo measured characteristics, such as social support. Findings where helped to devise strategies to reduce the negative effects of stress of the individual. Johansson Aim: investigate whether work stressors, such as repetitiveness, machinery regulated pale of work and high levels of responsibility, increased stress related physiological arousal and stress related illness. Procedure: pick high stress group 14 finishers from the Swedish saw mill last stage of wood machine paced isolated repetitive high skilled productivity determined whole factory wage. Compared to 10 cleaners who were low risk, varied, largely self paced and socialising. Adrenaline and noradrenalin measured in urine. Recorded stress related illness and absences. Findings: finishers secreted more stress hormones on work days rather rest day also had more stress related illnesses. Cleaners had low levels of hormones on work days and rest day. Conclusion: A combination of stressors can lead to long term effects. Evaluation: Can’t control individual differences. Assume people may be more venerable to stress than others. Does not identify which stressor is the most stressful. Finishers were exposing to low levels of control, physical isolation and high level of responsibility.

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