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"War Photographer" and "Originally" are both poems by Carol Ann Duffy they both explore the loss of identity and the theme of change. The poet reveals the link between the two poems through a variety of techniques which is done very effectively but also shows the difference between the physical change in "Wr Photographer" and the emotinal change in "Originally".Duffy describes a personal experience, leaving her home and moving with her family to England, where gradually, she became part of a new community, losing her scottish accent she possessed originally, she loses her sense of identity and her memories of where she originally came from effect her throughout the poem . Whereas Duffy describes a War Photographer developing spools of film back home in the safety of rural England. However, his memories of what he has seen in the war zone also effect him emotionally as he cannot find it within himself to move on from his past experiences. Home for the War Photographer is "Rural England". Home is safe "simple weather" rather than a "Nightmare heat" of where he has been working, plus fields there dont "explode beneath the feet of running children". However, home for Duffy, in Originally, is in her "Own country", a place much more missed on leaving "My brothers cried, one of them bawling home, home" somewhere that they feel is "the right place" but lost to her along with its "River, culture, speech". The Photographer is only identified by job title, his subjects are nameless "running children", a dead man whose "strangers features", are seen as film develops and "this mans wife". The anonymous readership of the sunday magazine is identified simply by the definite article "The readers eyeballs prick with tears" which lacks any identity which is a major theme in War Photographer as it deals with change. Loss or change is also a major theme in Originally. Identity is linked with place "our own country", "The city, the street, the house, the river" plus the "culture, speech" associated with that particular place. Moving to a new place initially entails desire to hang on to original identity "I want our own country, i said". Eventually , assimilation in a new enviroment inevitably involves loss of identity, including loss of accent and dialect "my tongue shedding its skin like a snake".

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