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Revision for the topic Our World in the WJEC Short course for GCSE.

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Key Words: Creation- The way in which something is uniquely made Dominion- Being in charge and having power over something Environment- The surroundings of the place in which human beings live Humanity- All of the people who live on Earth Soul- The part of a human which is believes to live on after death Stewardship- The responsibility God gave us to care for the world we were given

Our World Revision

The Difference between animals and humans We are capable of religious behaviour for example praying We were made in the image of God and we were made special and unique. We have a conscience therefore we can tell right from wrong We have a soul which can live on after death.

Why are humans here? To have sex and make children To take responsibility for the world and other people in it. We have to make use of our talents We have to use our talents to take care of one another.

Using our talents God gave us talents It's our duty to make the most of our talents We should try to improve the world and make it a better place.

Stewardship We should take care of the world They believe we have been given the dominion over animals and the environment as a result we have a responsibility and duty to care for one another. We will be judged on judgement day on how much of a positive impact we have made on the world and the people in it. The world still belongs to God God ade the world for us to live in and look after.

Environmental Issues Deforestation Destroying of habitats Global warming Using up natural resources Extinction

Animal RightsImmoral use of animals Hunting as a sport Racing Fighting Killing for fur Cramped living conditions Animal Testing

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